Waterfall Hikes

One thing the cloud forest has plenty of is waterfalls. There is the well earned swim at the closest falls. 

Coffee Plantation

How does that cup of coffee come to be? From the seed to the plant to your cup, learn and experience the coffee process first hand.

Chocolate Tour

Coffee and Chocolate all in the same vacation? Take a full day tour to the town of Mashpi or Mindo to see how cocoa is processed.

The Art of Hammocking

How often do we take the time to do nothing?  Sometimes it is necessary to unwind, relax, and reflect. Sit in a hammock, soak up the incredible views and take a moment to rest from your busy life.

Ancient Pools

Take a step back in time and visit Tulipe Museum to learn about the Yumbo Indians who once lived in this area. Just 15 minutes from the farm, visit these unique Sacred Swimming Pools.


You can sit in the clouds on the farm and watch them rise up, or you can fly over and through them on the zip-line while learning about local conservation efforts.

Bird Watching

Visit my neighbor's Cock of the Rock Lek where you will have an exclusive interaction with this rare birds mating ritual. You will also get a good view of the secretive Wattled Guan.  If you want more birding, we can send you on an afternoon hike to spot some of the 110 bird species on the property or sit and enjoy the hummingbirds from the hammock.

Special Time with the Locals

Play musical chairs or volleyball with the locals. Watch Sunday Soccer. Talk to the kids. Everyone will welcome you with open hearts and arms.

Shaman Ceremony

For groups of six or more, experience something very special.  A Tsachila Shaman from Santo Domingo de los Colorados will visit us with his family and perform a cleansing ceremony.  

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