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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?


To get to the farm, you will be flying into Quito, Ecuador. In our experience, flights from U.S. and Canada vary from $800 to $1,200 based on where you originate.  On-line travel sites give great prices if you have the patience to check several times over a week or two. You can trust the South American Airlines such as Copa and Taca.  They are safe, efficient and still include FULL meals on each flight with a glass of wine included! 

Can children come along?


Yes, we encourage families to come with children ages five and above.


Do I need a Visa to enter Ecuador?


American Citizens do not need a Visa prior to arriving in Ecuador. Your passport will be stamped with a 90 day Tourism Visa on arrival at the airport. Citizens arriving from other countries should check on-line for your Visa requirements.


Do I need any vaccines before coming?


You will not be in a malaria region, but check with your physician or on-line if you have any doubts.  You may want to pack anti-diarrhea medicine just in case, because intestinal issues can always be a problem when traveling to a new country.  Bottled water will always be on hand. 


Is there Internet? 


There is free WiFi through out the house to check in with family. Our hope is you will be having such a good time, you will forget that internet exists!



What is NOT included in the price?


Transportation to and from the farm.  Alcoholic Beverages. Snacks and personal items.  Soveniers. Tips.


Do I need to Exchange money?


No!! Ecuador uses the U.S. Dollar so there will be no need to exchange money



What clothing should I bring?


The weather will vary.  Quito has cooler temps at night and can get down into the low 50’s because of the higher altitude (9,200 feet). Layers are best! 

The temperatures on the farm will be in the high 70's into the 80's during the day and down to 65 at night.  You will need a bathing suit if you want to swim Dress casual.  Bring a rain jacket and hiking shoes or boots.

What else should I bring?


SUNSCREEN!  You will be on the equator and the sun is very intense.  A hat and a light long sleeve shirt would also be good protection.  A camera!!  Ecuador has amazing views around every corner that you won’t want to miss.  Extra money for gifts and other personal needs. Good news in that Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar so you don't have to exchange money! Bring cash. Small bills are preferable because for some odd reason, Ecuadorians never have change. Make sure the that bills are in good condition because bills that are torn, stained or written on may not be accepted.  Credit cards are frequently not accepted, especially in smaller establishments.  Travelers checks are not accepted at most places.




While we are doing everything in our power to make this a very special and wonderful experience for you, these are a few things you might want to consider.


  1. As wonderful as I think Ecuador is, it is important to remember that this is a 3rd world country.  This means things don’t always go smoothly or as planned.  If you find the unexpected upsetting or unacceptable, Ecuador may be challenging for you.  If, on the other hand, you see such things as part of the adventure, you’ll fit right in.

  2. This is a Spanish speaking country.   You don’t have to speak any Spanish as you will have English speaking guides. If you do speak Spanish, you’ll find a warm response from the local people when you try.

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