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If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  -- Mother Teresa

I started this program in Ecuador because I felt helpless being surrounded by so much poverty and I didn't know how to help. I witnessed first hand that it isn't necessarily the lack of hard work, but the lack of opportunities, that kept people in the cycle of poverty. I also couldn't reconcile the fact that I was blessed with abundance when others had so little. My solution was to help one person or family at a time, making things a little more even in one small corner of the world. 


The first recipient of Project One Corner was my farm-hand's son, Freddy. I sponsored his college education so that he had the chance for a different life. He graduated in 2016 with a Degree as a National Tour Guide in Ecuador.


Above the Clouds will continue to serve the community with 10% of the profits from the Guest House going to various causes.  I do not charge more in order to do this, but the fact that you choose Above the Clouds allows this to happen.  You may also donate to Project One Corner directly.  I will find a great cause that 100% of your money will go to and I will give you updates and photos of where you money went.

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Other Project One Corner donations.  Click on the photos for descriptions.

Jim Collins, Pete Adeney and JD Roth, speakers at a Retreat that I hosted in Ecuador in 2013, provided a family with a new home!  Elena and Simon had lost their home in an earthquake. They had no place to live with their seven children so they temporarily moved into an old open air chicken coop. It was a humbling experience driving by their "house" every day. Little by little, they were constructing their new home, but it was going to take a long time with the small salaries they earned.  With the money donated by the speakers, we were able to complete their house and they now have a real home.





Through money raised from Registrations from the Retreats and Donations from the Speakers, Project One Corner has given away over $25,000.  One hundred percent of money raised goes directly to the person in need. 





Sponsoring of two local girls for their educational needs:  Supplying books, uniforms, shoes, and paying for school transportation


A Platform Walker and Tub Bench for a woman to be independent at home after an illness


A baby stroller for a young mother in Santa Elena, Ecuador


Backpacks for children at an Orphanage in Otavalo, Ecuador


Helped construct a new rental cabin for a local family


Purchased a motorcycle for my neighbor so he could work


A foot brace for a patient in need in Texas


Money towards hospital bills for a patient in need


Soccer Uniforms for a Team in Nanegalito, Ecuador


Money for clothes for a young man starting a new job


Chairs donated to a small Indigenous community for their Town Meetings


Application fee paid for a person applying to a PHD Program


Water tank for a school in Los Bancos, Ecuador


Paid medical bills for a woman with nerve damage in her foot


Contributed to the purchase of a motorcycle for two people to give them transportation to work


Contributed money for food for a man who broke his ankle and couldn't work for a month

A group visited an orphanage that houses children with Aids. We donated back packs and money for various projects.
OT Clinic
Elaine Keane gives free OT services to children in Ibarra, Ecuador.
School Supplies
One group visited a local school interacting with the kids (musical chairs) and donating English materials.
House Addition
A large family was living in a two room house in Mindo. A group helped with construction and materials for an addition.
Computer for studies
Alex's step father purchased her a computer from the streets only to get home and there was no computer inside. POC provided her with a laptop so she can study at the University.
New motorcycle
Carlos is my neighbor. JD. Roth and POC money provided him with a motorcycle so he can get to work and bring supplies to his house from town.
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