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Above the Clouds Guest House is the culmination of a 16-year dream. I had always envisioned a house sitting at the highest point on the farm where there are 360 degree views.  My intention was to share this piece of heaven with others, but to also let people immerse themselves in a country I had grown to love so much.


On paper it started out as a simple one-story, two bedroom home, but then it grew into a much better version than I dared to imagine.  We added the second floor so that people could be enveloped by the surroundings. Two bedrooms turned into five so that small groups or families could come and share this space. Once we saw the views from the second story, we just had to add the loft and the terrace to take advantage of the inspiring views. 


The building process took almost four years with the maestros showing up each day needing something new--a paint brush, nails, blocks or cement and off I went to fetch what was needed.  After the thousand and one decisions that go into building a house, the doors of my dream house are finally open.


This five-bedroom, four and a half bath house has a full kitchen, dining room that seats 10,  two porches, a terrace and the third-story loft.  The open style with plenty of windows makes it feel like you are a part of the surrounding scenery.  It is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and experience another way of life.

Scenes from the Farm and Ecuador

                     Where are we located?

 In the community of Santa Elena, 20 minutes from Nanegalito, Ecuador in what is called el noroccidente.

Google Earth View of Farm

At the end of a dirt road, in the middle of the Cloud Forest, is where the magic begins!

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Phone:  832-321-7004 

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